First time to the neighborhood?

NICE TO MEET YOU. Springboard is an online marketplace that allows you to easily search, compare and access special first-time home buyer loans – much like you do for hotels or flights. Banks are required to provide special home loans to first-time home buyers, but until now you would have had to apply with every bank and lender one at a time to shop around for the best loan.

Our proprietary software shows you all these loans in one place and ensures you get the lowest monthly payment possible. In addition to providing you with the best loan options and the power to access these loans through Springboard, we have expert Community Mortgage Bankers standing by to guide you on your path to homeownership.

What makes Springboard different?

Great question, thanks for asking! We are the only not-for-profit mortgage banker in the country, so unlike other lenders, we only have one goal: getting you access to the best possible home loan for your situation.

We also have special access to down payment assistance and low down payment loans.

Through the power of Springboard CDFI, we are deploying capital for the betterment of the community. Springboard Home Loans is helping turn thousands of people into homeowners who used to believe the myth that you need 10% or 20% down to buy a home. It’s time to start building your wealth!


Thinking of buying a home… but hate paperwork?

You can ditch the fax machine… and your pager while you’re at it. Our online application makes it easy for you to fill out and sign your paperwork to see if you are pre-approved. You can do it anytime and anywhere, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Ready to get started?

How low will your monthly payment be and how much home can you afford?


Still curious to know more?

Call one of our Community Mortgage Bankers at 888-983-2344.