Bruno Lizarraga

Community Mortgage Banker

NMLS #347608
P | (619) 858-3537
F | (951) 328-7754
E |

I am a seasoned mortgage professional with over 40 years of experience in the mortgage loan industry. My extensive practice in the field includes loan servicing, loan origination, marketing, loan processing, community outreach, homebuyer education, community service & 26 years as a Mortgage Broker.

The five years I have been employed with Springboard CDFI have been the most satisfying of my career! I do not look at what I do as a job but rather as a calling. That life’s work is laboring with a demographic that is greatly underserved in our mortgage industry – the low to moderate income first time home buyers. I still get emotional when calling these buyers at closing to proudly inform them that they are now homeowners.

In my free time I enjoy traveling with my dear wife of 37 years, Maricela & spending quality time with our five grandchildren.