What is a Certified Lender Partner?

If you are interested in accessing down payment and closing cost assistance loan programs from selected cities and the loan portfolio at Springboard Home Loans (Springboard), you must work directly with us or with a Certified Lender Partner.

Become a Certified Lender Partner with Springboard Home Loans

What are the benefits?

Springboard trains loan officers to access exclusive down payment and closing cost assistance loan programs available from selected cities and Springboard’s loan portfolio. As a Certified Lender Partner you will benefit from:

  • Access to Springboard down-payment assistance loans for your clients.
  • Individual certification that travels with you as a lender (not as a company).
  • Your contact information will be added to our Certified Lender Partner List which is posted on our website and available at our office.

How do I become a Certified Lender Partner?

To become a certified lender partner you will be required to attend a 2-hour training session. If you are a loan officer for one of our bank partners, the training fee is waived. Otherwise, the fee for the Certified Lender Partner Training is $250. To receive program updates and notifications of upcoming training sessions sign up here.

Lender Partners must be re-certified every year. Re-certification courses are 1.5 hours long with a fee of $35.

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